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Saturday, November 21, 2015

6D5N Boracay - Day 1 & 2 & 3 ~ Zipline & Flying Fish |Part 1|

Boracay Part 1 | 

Boracay is one of the most popular tourism islands in the Philippines. The low season is from June to October when the sea is wavy and the weather is rainy. Besides the this period, the rest of the year is basically high season. 

The beach is very very long and is separated into 3 section 1, 2, & 3. Where section 2 is the most happening part of the beach. The island is very commercialized and majority of the tourists are Koreans and Chineses from China and handful of westerners. 

Generally the cost on the island is considered moderate depends on where you are from. But knowing how to bargain with the Philippines will certainly make your budget looser.

We booked a tour guide earlier before departing. I don't recommend my tour guide, but we met another guy,  Domino which is highly recommended.

i) Boracay Holiday Resort for the first 4 nights
ii) Cohiba Villas at the last night. 

Below is a summary of the itinerary of a pretty leisure and relaxing 6-day trip of my friends and I on the Island:

Day 1 – Travelling and checking in
Day 2 – Zip line, Cable car, Fly Fish, Sun Set Sailing
Day 3 – Fun diving
Day 4 - Islands hopping, snorkeling, Crystal Cove (sight seeing)
Day 5 – Cliff diving in Magic Island, shopping, massage
Day 6 – Travelling back

Day 1 ~ Travelling :( 

It's a kinda torturing journey.
0710-0810 : AK 6123 | PEN - KUL |
1050-1445 : AK608 | KUL - KLO |

Journey  : Airport – Kalibo Jetty – Boracay – Boracay Holiday Resort
Transport & Time taken : Van (2.5hours) - Ferry (20mins) - Tuk Tuk (15 mins)
Fare : 1200 peso (Round trip including the travelling on last day, we hire the tour guide to arrange for us)

The road journey to Jetty is narrow and not so bumpy but our driver is crazy, it was like a scary ride for me. However, we get relaxing after seeing the clear water on the jetty. We start to looking forward to the beach. After reaching the hotel, which is very near to the beach, we start a short wandering & Vodka along the beach.

The Ferry

Some local art painting on the Shirt

Day 2 ~ Zip Line, Cable car, Fly Fish, Sun Set Sailing

Wefie before the first activities

Zip line & Cable Car

It is actually something like flying fox where we are hung on roller and slide over a vast greenery to a distant hill on a very long cable. The view on the deck is stunning. 

It is the view of the bay on the other side of the island. The Zip line takes around 45 seconds only, it is not scary but it feels like soaring high in the sky.

Then we need to take a very simple cable right beside the cable of the zip line to get back to the deck we come from. It is slow, so that you can enjoy the stunning view and the exciting people on the zipline.

Flying Fish

One special thing about Boracay I think is most of the water sports are carried out in the middle of the sea. Yes, we take a boat trip to the middle of the sea to have our flying fish. It is something like a banana boat and but it is much more fast and fun. 
Does this look like flying fish ???

Loose the hand and jump to the sea in the last round :)

Day 3 – Fun diving

You don’t need a diving licence for a fun dive here. We have a brief session on some basic gesture and usage of the gears, and a brief hands on session in the shallow and after that on for a 10 meter fun dive. 

Don’t worry for there is a professional diver to guide every pair of participants and it is totally safe because we are not going to the deep.  

*There is not much beautiful coral of marine fishes in the fun dive site but the experience of diving is great and memorizing for most of us are beginners.
Can see many nemo

The fishes attacking us. 

* when you feed the fishes with bread. If you hand is standstill at the same position they will thought it is their food, and you will be bitten too. 

*Some photo on beach*

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